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Our topics in this edition:
  • Extensive interview: Cartier CEO Cyrille Vigneron
  • An intimate interview (with cover) with actress Tilda Swinton
  • Watchmaking feature: what makes watchmaking so unique: - What are the limitations of copyright and how can creators conserve ownership of their designs? - Made-to-measure watchmaking: a successful business? - Ethical watchmaking and jewellery, a new way to stand out?
  • Photo shoot of all the new timepieces for the spring
  • Mystery shopping in Geneva and Zurich
  • Report: at the heart of the “Grande Sonnerie” invented by Gerald Genta (at Bulgari)
  • Travel: visiting South Africa and Swaziland
  • Fashion shoot: Bulgari
  • Automobile: one-off creations, a growing business?

Bilan & FuW
20th march, 2019

  Bilan Finanz und Wirtschaft
Publication date 20th march 2019 20th march 2019
Booking deadline  28th febr. 2019   28th febr. 2019
Copy deadline  4th march 2019 4th march 2019
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Luxe by Bilan & Finanz und Wirtschaft (national edition)
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Circulation in Bilan (french) and Finanz und Wirtschaft (german)
Sources: *WEMF MACH Basics 2018-2, **WEMF statistics 2018 (cumulates values of the bearer titles).
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